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ADVISE REHAB is a unique Decision Support System. It assists health care providers and case managers to administer resources and select the optimal strategies for treatment and management of injured individuals. ADVISE REHAB provides an overall approach to managing an injured individual’s recovery and rehabilitation through innovative user friendly software. Starting at just $20 per month, the system significantly enhances patient management by predicting pathways, cost and the likely time required to achieve a full recovery. There is a permanent feedback loop on real health status to assess, monitor and modify the predicted recovery using essential key indicators. This tailored approach aims to improve efficiency, reduce cost and streamline the overall management and administrative processes required for rehabilitation.

Welcome to the newest Rehab Management operational website!

We’ve created our site to make it easier for you to navigate and use this Decision Support System to suit your specific needs. Register on our “TRY IT OUT” page. We will get back to you promptly with a unique login and access code. After signing up, the initial trial period is at a 50% rate, around 25 cents a day. The decision to continue with ADVISE REHAB is entirely yours.