About Advise

ADVISE REHAB is the specialist Decision Support System for rehabilitation and injury management. With an ability to assist in return to work/activity prediction, the key concept is relating ‘Progress and Prognosis’. This is achieved through the creation of a link between screening and measurement. Injured individuals at a high risk of delayed recovery can be identified early and their recovery accurately predicted and measured. This facilitates the management by all parties such as the patient, the rehabilitation and medical staff, organizations or club, the individual and any third party payer groups such as insurers.

Our Decision Support System can be applied to a wide range of settings where rehabilitation is delivered. Outcome measures provide clinical evidence by establishing the patient status and demonstrating what changes have occurred following intervention or recovery time. This newly established concept has been validated and published in journals such as the International Journal of Rehabilitation Research. ADVISE REHAB calculates and predicts the time and resources required to reach a critical threshold for each injury.

We work with health providers, insurers, government, law firms, small and large employers and individuals. We have experience in delivering services under a range of insurance schemes including Workers Compensation, compulsory Third Party and government funded initiatives. The overall objective is to provide a common visual form of communication between all those involved n an individuals rehabilitation and recovery. This facilitates team work and collaboration in as simple and practical manner.

Our system complies with relevant industry legislations.

Established in Australia in the 1990s, we now have a wide web based access. Our growth and success is a direct result of our ability to consistently deliver a high quality product, and to continue to research and develop our outcome focused services.

We take a proactive, best practice approach to all our services and offer a system to meet your needs. We hope that by using the ADVISE REHAB program you can consistently achieve excellent and optimal cost-effective results